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Take a taxi in Bangkok

You can order a taxi here

7 person taxi

Taxi in Bangkok

Getting a taxi in Bangkok is easy, paying the correct price can be harder. Thats why you always go by meter (taximeter) and if a taxi says no no, only 200thb, you just say no thank you and try the next one.
Some places you can not reach with BTS Skytrain or MRT Metro, so here you have to take a taxi. All taxis in Bangkok have ID numbers and ID certificate for the driver. Take a picture of the taxi ID number on the door and you have a good chance if you want to complaint about someting later. We DO NOT recommend to take a discussion with a taxi driver over small money. Just remember that 1€ is about 40thb. But hey, most taxidrivers are like you and me, nice people that is just makeing a living.

Always traffic in Bangkok

Taxis are easy to spot, the most classic is the red, yellow and green taxis. We recommend that you use the BTS Skytrain or MRT Metro as much as you can, and then take a taxi after midtnight or where these trainlines to not go.

Motorbike taxi

Wow, this is really special. If you take a motorbike taxi in Bangkok you will go in and out the traffic. Sometimes you close your eyes and pray for the best. We tryed motorbike taxi many times and nothing happend yet, but accidents happens and the risk is bigger on a motorbike taxi. But if you want to experience how the Bangkok thai gets around you just have to try this way of transportation.
motorbike taxi in Bangkok