Speak thai

Learn how to speak a little basic thai

Its the same everywhere in the world if you speak a little of the language in the country you are going to, everything is easyer. This is also the same with Thailand, so learn a little and have fun in the land of smiles Thailand.

Hi = Sawaddee krap

How are you doing = Sabai dee mai

I donĀ“t feel well = Phom mai sabai

No problem = Mai ben rai

My name is (mann) = Phom cheu / Chan cheu (woman)

What is your name = Khun cheu arai

yes = Chai

No = Mai Chai

Now if you want to flirt a little you can say:

You are very beautiful = Khun suay maak

I love you = Chan(girl) Phom(mann) Rak khun

We are trying to install a language module for our website so that we can help you with more thai.

Feel Free To Help!