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Enjoy Rayong

Rayong did you ever hear about Rayong in Thailand. Rayong is south of Pattaya and everything is cheaper than Pattaya and not many tourists, relax on the beach and then go looking for your next hotel. From here you can go to Koh Samet witch is about 30 minuts away, this beautiful island have long white beaches and is mostly visited by thais in the weekend. If you go during the week there is not much activity on the island. Or stay in Rayong, relax and let everyone else stay in the tourist areas.

Just go to the beach and relax in Rayong and enjoy your lunch or dinner. The prices are cheap eventhough the restaurant is placed right on the beach. Thailand have many of these great places and Rayong is for sure one of them.

Picture of a beachrestaurant in Rayong.
Lunch in Rayong Thailand


The fantastic bar RETRO is playing live music and a lot of locals visit this bar. It is very nice and the service is great, the music is great and it really gets you in the right mode for a night out. You can easy spend some hours in this great bar, just go and tell the band what to play and they will, well that is if they know the song. The beer is cold in RETRO bar Rayong and tastes really good after a long warm day. By the way, the beer is Carlsberg draft, so a nice quality beer.

Picture of RETRO bar.
RETRO bar in Rayong

Koh Samet

Is very close to Rayong and it is a wonderful island with clean beaches. It is a great island with nice restaurants right on the beach. You will for sure have a great stay on this island eventhough the prices are more expensive than the mail land. If you want service like the rest of Thailand, then ask if the staff are thai, why? Because many people from Cambodia come to work here and they have no clue about service on a hotel. They cook poorly and they will try to overprice you at the hotel and now you may ask how do i see if they are from Cambodia. One thing is that they do not speak in thai or very little and they do not smile like the thai people.

Picture of Koh Samet beach.
Koh Samet thailand with everythinginthailand.com

Koh Samet medical clinic

The medical clinic on Koh Samet is really professional. We had to use it the last time we took a trip to the island. The doctor is quite expensive but hey, it's an island, but the doctor is professional and the nurses are the same. Our advise is not to use the doctor at all.

Picture of Koh Samet medical clinic and a sprained ankle.
Koh Samet medical clinic

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