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Bangkok the city of angels and the city that never sleeps. Here everything is open 24-hours and you can use a lot of time exploring Bangkok. And remember it's a lot of fun going out on your own. If you go by taxi always remember to ask for the taximeter to be switched on, this way you pay only what you have to for the taxi. If you go by tuk tuk there is no taximeter and you can be sure that the ride is overpayed, but it's fun to ride tuk tuk.

You can go visit the famous Grand Palace and the Wat Prakeaw. It is really beautiful and big and your mind starts drifting in the past really fast. The statues are impressive and detailed and you will find that a lot of thai people come to the temple for praying. It's a relaxing feeling to visit Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw. This have been the home of many thai kings for the last 150 years. It is built in 1782 and it is one of the most beautiful temples you will ever see, so be sure to see this beautiful temple in Bangkok.

The big buddha.
Big buddha in Bangkok

You can also take a taxiboat and travel on then Bangkok river, here you can see the fantastic Wat Arun tower witch is built in ancient Khmer style.

The Taxiboat in Bangkok.
Taxiboat in Bangkok

Damonen Saduak is the floating Marked and its really special to be there. The floating marked in Damnoen Saduak is becomming more crowed with tourists and there are many other great places to visit markeds in Bangkok, but hey, you have to go here.

Going to china in Thailand, the visit Chinatown (Yaowarat). It is like beeing in China and a great mix of Thailand and Asia. The street food is fantastic here like many other places in Thailand, but you just have to try and eat on a street kitchen here.

Picture from Chinatown in Bangkok.
China town in Bangkok

Take a relaxing trip to Wat Pho where you can also get a massage. Here you get the best massage you will ever try.

Hey it is weekend soon and then you have to visit Chatuchak weekend market. The area is enormous and you can buy everything here. It's all copys but really fun to see and you will spend a few hours fast here. Watch out for pickpockets here, they are active and with 200.000 visitors comming on a typical weekend they have the room they need. Just always wear your bag in front of you. Anyway you have to go here if you are staying in Bangkok for the weekend.

Picture from Chatuchak weekend market.
Chatuchak weekend market everythinginthailand.com

We almost forgot, the famous street Khao San Road witch is more of a shopping street for tourists, so if you want more tourists Khao San Road is the perfect place for you. But you heard the name, saw the movie so you really also have to go here.

Picture from Khao San Road.
Visit Khao San Road with everythinginthailand.com

Soi Cowboy is a party street where a lot of tourists come to have fun. A lot of girls want to welcome you to this street and it is not a place for kids during late hours. Many western men find a girl here, but be careful the girls are smart and they know money.

Picture from Soi Cowboy
take a trip to soi cowboy

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