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Serenity hotel Hua Hin

Arriving at the Serenity hotel in Hua Hin there is no security to check who is going in or out of the hotel. And hey, this do not look like the pictures from the website.

Entrance to the Serenity in Hua Hin

The sign at the road also says that this is a four star hotel. It looks more like a two star hotel. But we booked the room so let us give the Serenity in Hua Hin a chance.

Serenity in Hua Hin Thailand

Actually I think that the hotel have seen better days and it looks a bit like no one is carrying to much about it. The staff is really friendly and running out to help with the suitcases. We check in and head to our room up the elevator to the second floor.

Serenity hotel reception Hua Hin Thailand

The first thing that meets us when the elevator doors open is a dark hall way with som old tables, a little like a storageroom.

Serenity Hotel in Hua Hin

We reach our room 209 and it actually quite okay, big bed, clean, minibar and a lot of TV channels. The room has what it takes to stay overnight otherwise it's a bit boring.

Hotel room at the Serenity in Hua Hin

I you travel with kids the Serenity in Hua Hin is not the place to be and we moved out after only one day out of the three days we booked. There is no guardrail at the fishpond, the pool and at the second floor the guardrail has a big gap so that children easily can squeeze through.

Dangerous guardrail for kids at the Serenity in Hua Hin

And there is not really anywhere to enter the pool, not so child friendly at all. But two adults traveling together it would be a excellent choice. If you don't care about pool facilities and eating at the hotel restaurant. And remember it's only around 1000thb per night so very cheap.

No children frendly pool at the Serenity in Hua Hin

The breakfast at Serenity Hua Hin is only cornflakes with and without chocolate. For drinking is milk, orange juice, water and coffee that where cold. Everything else you have to ask for. The breakfast is not really what you would expect from a hotel in Hua Hin.

So in short, if you are traveling two guys it is more than okay. But if you are looking for a hotel where you can relaxe at your room the Serenity in Hua Hin is not the place to go.

We moved to the Amari Hotel in Hua Hin read the review here.