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Oriental Beach Pearl

Check in at Oriental Beach Pearl in Sam Roi You with 4 stars. At least that's what the sign at the entrance says.


Review of Oriental Beach Pearl Hua Hin

Friendly staff do the check in and helps with the laugage. We drove in gulf cars to the house where the staff helps carrying everything in the house.

We got a pool just outside the house witch Is great. A very long pool ending with a large pool, pool bar and waterslide. The water Is nice and warm but some how it seems that something is missing. Oh yes, the luxurious house this is more like standard when we talk Thai standard in hotels. Actually this hotel is only about 30 minuts away from Hua Hin.

Pool Oriental beach pearl

I will list some of the things here and remember if you travel I Europe then yes 4 star but in Thailand you really need to do more if it's luxury.

door handle

Well I'm walking around the house and it's like the kitching doesn't match the Thai style. Can't tell you why, it just looks boring. The curtain is broken and can't close completely, the safety vault is placed in the bathroom, door handles are loose, and one missing and the aircon in the bedroom sounds like you are On a plane. It's so noisy and the first night I'm having trouble falling asleep.

kitchen oriental beach pearl


The finish in the house is actually not so good to be a luxury house in Thailand. But as I said before if you travel in Europe and want to settle with all this I'm sure you will have a great holiday. My advice would be to take the nearby Talay Tara in you holiday thoughts. The local Thais talk very good about this place. So we also went a day to Talay Tara, see our review of Talay Tara here.

low quality

Trouble during check out at Oriental beach Pearl.

When i saw the house and all the small things that were broken or damaged one of my thoughts were how much we would have to pay extra at check out. And correct besides paying 1200thb for a extra person witch is okay, we also had to pay for the extra bed 400thb. The bed was In a really bad condition and we ended up not using it. And there were not a word spoken about the extra cost before check out.

And then a bill for eating at their restaurant 791thb that would be okay if we had been to Oriental Beach Pearl restaurant. After some discussion they accepted that we didn't pay. Because the bill said "guy in a blue t-shirt" insted of a room number.

A good advice is to take the restaurants by the beach in Sam Roi Yot. We had dinner both days by the beach and they make fantastic food. And hey remember to try the streetfood.

We talked with some local Thais that also told about problems at check out, with extra fees at the orientel beach peal resort. It feels more than a 3 star resort with the possibility to pay a little extra for the stay. Our conclusion is that we are not coming back.