Learn to shoot in Bangkok

So do you like shooting and want to do it in a safe way. Then try one of the many shootingranges in Thailand or Bangkok where you can learn shooting with a personal trainer. Many people try shooting for the first time when they are on holiday in Thailand and get a great experience about it.

You can contact us if you want to find a good shootingrange or you can contact shootingrangebkk.com for a good time learning how to shoot.

If you want us to find a shootingrange just contact us and we will do this for free. We also will try to get you a discount on the shootingrange. If you travel in groups and want to go shooting we will plan this for you also.

It's very popular to go shooting in Bangkok if you only have a few days in this million people city. If you are traveling to Pattaya, Hua Hin or anywhere in Thailand we can also help you find a good and professionel shootingrange.

Below is a video from a shooting in Korat.

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  1. Hey looks great and thank you for helping me to go shooting. Thomas from Russia

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