How to go by bus in Thailand

Travel by bus in Thailand

If you want a cheap transport in Thailand, bus is the answer. There are many stations and connections to most citys. It is easy and it is cheap. You can get low fare or VIP fare, just remember to buy insurance if the buscompany offers it.

Go by bus on everything in Thailand

Bus companys

Make sure that your browser can translate (google crome). Some of the websites are in thai.

Busticket Thailand




Some of the bus companys offer reservation and payment at 7-eleven and you will not have problems finding a 7-eleven in Thailand.

Travel by local bus in Thailand

Try the thai way of getting around, the bus is fast and cheap and you will get a long way for 20 bath. Take a look around you and see if any of these local busses are stopping nearby, then you just jump on and go with the flow. When you want to get of a thai local bus, just jump of when it stops and go pay for the ride. Just remember, do not pay with 1000/500 bath. Take a smaller amount 100/50 bath to pay with. Go ahead and try and see Thailand the thai way.