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Hotels review

Hi and thanks for visiting our review page. We are writing honest, we do not recive any donations from any hotels and therefore we can write as we please. We always travel 3 people me, my wife that is thai and our daughter so most reviews will be from what you would call family hotels. We want you to love Thailand and we are trying hotels for you so that you do not make any mistakes when booking a hotel in Thailand. Of course we can not try all hotels,but the hotels we try you can be sure that you can trust the review so you can book the review hotel and be sure to get a great holiday in Thailand.

Just hold the mouse over the hotel review and a list of hotels will appear.

Below is a picture of the three of us. From the left is Emily she loves beds and therefore she is the bedtester everywhere we go. In the middle is Benyapa who is engineer and born in Thailand and i think she must be the shoppingcenter tester. And on the right i am and the test profile for me must be the relaxing tester with a nice cold beer chang,LEO or Singha. If you have any questions we are always ready to reply you by mail or chat. Our mission is to make you love the land of smiles Thailand and let you be your own guide.

EverythingInThailand.com staff