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Fly domestic

Fly domestic in Thailand

Flying in Thailand is very cheap and the service is good. Book a plane from Bangkok and go to Phuket or maybe travel to Chiang Mai. Plan and book your travel in Thailand from home and save money, it's just like ordering a planeticket in US or Europe.


Nok Airlines

Bangkok Airways

Thai Airways


You can fly from two airports in Bangkok Suwanaphumi (how it sounds suwanapoom)or Don Muang airport. It's very easy to go to both airports by bus or taxi and to Suwanaphumi you can just take Airport link.

Don Muang airport

The airport has a free shuttlebus that goes straight to the airport. Don muang is a very old airport but still it's very up to date. It started as a Thai airforce base back in 1914 and the first passenger flights started in 1924 and this makes Don Muang one of the oldest airports in the world. Read more about the airport history here.

Picture from Don Muang.
Don Mueang international airport in Bangkok

Don Muang in Bangkok

Don Muang is an easy airport and you can take a bus directly from Bangkok or from outside Bangkok to the airport. You can use the airport map to find your way around or simply ask one of the many friendly staff in the airport.

From Don Muang you can fly to Phuket, Chiang Mai, Singapore, Tokyo, Koh Samui, Udon thani, Krabi.

Don Mueng airport in Bangkok